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New-Age Parents, Is Your Language Inclusive And Empathic Enough?
New-Age Parents, Is Your Language Inclusive And Empathic Enough?

A concept we continue to follow in schools and at homes is categorization basis of gender, with the third gender completely missing from all conversations. With so many gender identities now getting recognized, why do we still say things like “Form 2 lines, one for boys and one for girls”?

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What Your Child Needs Most Is Your Time — Everything Else Is Negotiable!

Whatever else we can do for our children, spending time one on one focused on each other is the best gift we can give them.

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Dear Girls, Marriage Is So Much More Than The Wedding Day!
Dear Girls, Marriage Is So Much More Than The Wedding Day!

Marriage is so much about communication. Every step of life after that wedding day calls for the husband and wife to communicate – their likes, dislikes, their okay, their not-at-alls.

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Behind Every Happy Mom Is A Support System Helping Her Balance Everything!

Be it a working or a homemaker mother, every parent needs a support system to be able to manage their children, housework, and mental health.

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Dad’s Role In Parenting Is More Than Just Bringing Food To The Table!

How exactly does fatherhood entail just one bit – bringing food to the table – while motherhood must cater to satisfying all of the child’s physical and emotional needs?

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It Took Me Years To Realise That When I Had My Sister I Didn’t Really Need A Brother!

'Raksha' 'Bandhan.' A bond that protects. One that loves. A bond that safeguards. One to fall back on in difficult times. There she was. My bond for life. 

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Dowry Deaths: Why Are Indians So Desperate For Daughters To Marry And STAY Married?

There is no such thing as a 'happily ever after', if a daughter is not brought up to be a capable, confident, independent woman, and given a rightful equal place in society.

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The World Is Cruel And Will Give You A 100 Reasons To Bow Down

Mimi Atya had one day handed me books. “If you don’t want to blend, make yourself so big that you stand out!” she had declared before turning around and walking away. I had no idea how she knew. She just did.

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Is Abiding ‘True Love’ Essential In A Relationship? The Answer Will Surprise You

Love makes the world go around, but does romance? The author muses on this, going over recent star-crossed romances on-screen and her own life, and comes to an interesting conclusion.

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well-settled boy
Why Do Parents Want A ‘Well-Settled Boy’ For Their Daughter In An Arranged Marriage?

The 'arranged marriage' system has its pros and cons, but the trend of parents still wanting a 'well-settled boy' is a backward step from gender equality.

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Sabarimala protests
The Sabarimala Protests Reek Of The Stench Of A Dying & Desperate Patriarchy

Those attacking women in the Sabarimala protest only prove the desperation of a traditional mindset whose days are long gone, and is struggling to stay alive.

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Thank You, Dad, For That Long Ago Day That Transformed My Life

A large brown envelope. But the little girl that got it from her dad wouldn't have known how much its contents would affect how she looked at everything!

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my life for you
My Life, For You… No Questions Asked

"I am scared of closing my eyes at night, worried of what I would have to face the next morning. I hate myself for thinking such terrible things Vinni!"

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Note To Self: Society’s Shame Lies In Every Girl’s Bosom And Dupatta

Shame, shame! How long will we accept this constant shaming of women for their clothes...and in fact, for their bodies?

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julie and julia
Julie & Julia Teaches Us How Women Can Follow Their Passions Despite All Odds

The movie Julie & Julia blends classic French cooking with the determination of women to rise above their odds, to make a potent cocktail. A must watch.

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breath of fresh air
A Breath Of Fresh Air [#ShortStory]

My parents had always taught me to be strong if I knew I was right, and that’s what I did. And yes, we did romance till his last breath.

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Welcome To 2018 – A Year To Be A Feminist Rebel Like Never Before!

A 'chalta hai' attitude makes life easier in the short-term, but the feminist rebel knows that change doesn't happen without speaking up.

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Gender Stereotypes At Work Are Alive & Kicking…Just A Lot More ‘Subtly’!

Gender stereotypes at work are well and alive - men and women both face the brunt of them, although sexists are now careful to say, 'just kidding!'

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have fun alone
The Day I Realized That Being In A Loving Relationship Did Not Mean We Had To Do Everything Together

Khalil Gibran has said, "Let there be spaces in your togetherness!" The story of how my relationship became better after I dared to have fun alone.

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fight for feminism
The Fight For Feminism Is All About Equality. But Here’s What I Will Not Fight For

Women's fight for feminism is being seriously undermined if we expect privileges for 'being a woman'. Shouldn't it be about gender equality?

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The Story Of The Sexist Checkboxes While Registering As A Voter In India

Registering as a voter in India amply demonstrates how women are considered second citizens - one just have to look at the sexist checkboxes! A funny take.

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