Shano Singh

A mother of two munchkins, I took a sanyaas from the corporate long back but I believe life is beyond the corporate success 0and can be enjoyed every single day in various ways. A traveller and a foodie that I am , I simply love to explore everything around me. Life has given me enough lemons but what I do is make lemon cake out of it ( sounds funny right?) . Well, to challenge my ownself is something I love doing and to keep going on is my mantra. If you like my posts or wish to share some valuable thoughts , please feel free to connect. I can be reached at [email protected]

Voice of Shano Singh

Standing In A Mother’s Shoes Is The Most Difficult Thing To Do…

Being Maa has never been an easy job, often thankless and never-ending, 24/7. But the place a mother holds in most people's hearts is unassailable. 

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Kahani Ghar-Ghar Ki…Kyonki, Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai!

Travel is wonderful, but no matter how beautiful the place we go to, our home is the place we're most comfortable in - but what, exactly is a home? An insightful look at this feeling for a place.

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Why I Protested When I Was Blessed In My Pregnancy: “Putra Vati Bhava!”

Our hankering for, and acceptance of sons as more desirable than daughters is one of the evils that is behind a society that thinks nothing of being violent to women. Time to change that?

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Barbie Vs. Hotwheels: Who Decides These Gender Lines For Our Children?

Barbie Vs. Hotwheels, Blue Vs. Pink, Soccer Balls Vs. Fairy are our children picking this up these gender lines so easily?

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The Mumbaichi Bhajiwali, Who Taught Me To Be Positive And Market My Skills Best!

My bhajiwali, who is a working mother, taught me an important lesson in positivity, managing time, and marketing, that I had forgotten as a stay at home mom taking a break from work.

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Why I Long For A Simpler Time When My Daadi Told Her Delightful Tales

I look back at the stories my grandmother told, and feel that it was the most fascinating part of my life. Things have changed so much due to technology, and make me long for my roots.

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