Shama Shah

A clinical psychologist by choice and profession, a writer by interest. Talking and listening to people, contemplating existential questions, and day dreaming happen to be some of her hobbies. If not trying to understand and help a person, you'll probably find her cuddled up with a book and a cup of coffee in some corner. A lively nerd, to be precise!

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gender battles
Of Misplaced Gender Battles And The Importance Of Choice

Is every issue worth fighting over in a feminist world? Can't we weed out these misplaced gender battles and focus on choice instead?

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This Is What The Movie Pink Reminded Me Of : Change For Women Is Slow To Come!

The movie ‘Pink’ was created with the intention of bringing a change in the mindsets of our society. However this author believes that a lot of things have still not changed.  It is hard to put a number to the instances, when my girlfriends and me have debated about whether to step out for a […]

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Rushing Through The Now To Get Elsewhere Later

Are you rushing through the now, because you are yet to achieve a goal everybody (including you) believes you should reach?

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Can We Fall In Love All Over Again? May Be We Can!

Can we fall in love all over again? Do we really need to judge someone? Does it all help? Here's someone who has her own story to share.

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