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Doctorate on teenage pregnancy, published research papers with Medical journals. Articles for Reader's Digest and newspaper. Blogger at parenting and relationship websites. After having taught at school and college levels, currently employed as Independent director with JSW group of companies.

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Savita Halappanavar: The Indian Woman Who Paved The Way For Ireland To Repeal Its Abortion Law!

Ireland repeals one of its most restrictive laws on abortion, thereby standing up against the age old Catholic norms. It was the death of Savita Halappanavar, an Indian emigrant that led to a 'quiet revolution'.

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Remembering Kerala Nurse Lini, Who Died Tending To Nipah Victims Selflessly

Nurse Lini, a Keralite nurse died while nursing the first cases of the deadly Nipah virus. Her selfless act wherein she rose to the call of duty, restores our faith in humanity.

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give the homemaker her due
Give Me My Due – As A Homemaker, I Refuse To Work For The Peanuts You Toss Me!

When will we give the homemaker her due - in acknowledgement, in respect, in money, in rights? How long will they be expected to do 'invisible work'?

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flamingo took flight
And The Flamingo Took Flight [#ShortStory]

At last there was someone who valued me for who I was, what I thought. He didn’t want me for his physical needs but for his mental fulfilment. I wanted it too.

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Zaira Wasim molested
Dangal Actor Zaira Wasim Allegedly Molested On An Air Vistara Flight And Shamed For Speaking Up

"Zaira Wasim molested on a flight", came the news on social media. The Dangal actor was allegedly molested, and further trolled when she spoke up about it.

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Aditi Verma
For The World To Believe In A Special Child, The Parents Need To Do It First

Aditi Verma was born with Down's syndrome, but her parents believed in her and today she is an award winning entrepreneur in Navi Mumbai.

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This Dad Showed That The End Of Marriage Is Not The End Of Parenting Kids Together

When Billy Flynn Gadbois helped his kids celebrate his ex-wife's birthday, he was demonstrating parenting beyond divorce, and was a role model.

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Why I Think That Mahabharata’s Satyavati Was A Woman Ahead Of Her Times

Satyavati in the Mahabharata is painted as a gold digger who ousted Bheeshma from his heritage, but she was also an unusual woman ahead of her times!

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Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem – Seize Not Just The Day, But Each Moment That You Can Savour

Carpe Diem. Do we really believe in it? Then why do we let moments of happiness slide away in the rat race of ambition and anxiety?

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