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Mother-Daughter Relationship: A Constantly Critical Mother Leaves A Daughter Hungry For Validation

Remarks about the daughter’s body, clothes, sexual preference, or personal relationships with other people are some things that need to be stopped by a parent after she reaches a certain age.

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Despite Their Often Unbearable Pain, I Believe Periods Are Empowering!

Periods are one of the most liberating things women go through. Her periods signify the beginning of life and the existence of humanity.

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What Can Be Done For Rapid Elimination Of Rapes In India

Isn’t it tragic that unless the rape doesn’t involve extreme brutality and barbarity, we as citizens don’t find it to be worthy of our outrage and time?

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violence against Dalit women
Why Is Crime Against Dalit Women, Especially Sexual Crime, So Rampant?

It’s tough being a woman in India, and it’s tough being a Dalit person in India. It’s worse when you’re both. A Dalit woman.

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