Rashmi Menon

A Single Mom with an un-breakable passion to LIVE the Life! I am a Fighter, a Survivor of domestic abuse! An Analyst by profession and a Writer by passion! Women Empowerment Advocate, Fights against Child Abuse and Violence against Women and Children!

Voice of Rashmi Menon

“Your Child Will Be So Proud Of You!” And Other Things That You SHOULD Say To A Single Mom!

Clueless about speaking with a single mom without sounding patronizing or stereotypical? Here is my list of top 10 things you should say to a single mom!

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Are You In Love With Your Past? Let It Go. It Is The Only Way Forward

Are you in love with your past? Letting go of your past, whether good or bad, is the only way to live in the present and move on to the future. 

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