Rads lives in the suburbs of Washington DC along with her husband, three kids and dog. Profiled on Her Story, she is an optometrist and a data analyst in previous years, and is now playing mom, fundraiser, photographer, dancer and blogger in the free time she manages.

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Lessons From Dangal: What A Wrestling Movie Can Teach Us For Our New Year Fitness Goals

Determined to be fitter or learn a new sport this year? These lessons from Dangal are so neat! We suggest you take a little time to think through them.

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3 Wonderful Ways To Say Sorry Without Having To Use The Word ‘Sorry’ Itself

There are many ways to say sorry, without having used the word 'sorry' itself. Here our writer suggests three such ways.

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Wondering How To Get Through A Bad Day? Be Kind To Yourself

Are you wondering how to get through a bad day? When everything goes south, find the courage to believe in yourself.

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Can The Steve Jobs School Of Choosing A Simple Outfit Work For Women?

If tech and political leaders can don the same outfit everyday and be fine, why do we subject ourselves to the pain of deciding what to wear every day?

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Of Memories And More: Places I Don’t Visit Anymore

Sometimes, we travel to places not with our bodies, but with our minds. This is a story of one such travel.

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Get, Set, Go : How I Set My Fitness Goals And Succeeded!

We all want better fitness, and have some goals to that end. But not all of us succeed. Here's a look at how to set better fitness goals, and actually meet them!

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Mum Story

"I'm a mum and a..."? Too often, we forget that mums play many other roles too. This exhibition is all about being mum and everything else.

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Facing Fears: Rising Up

Facing our irrational fears is the only way to overcome our inherent doubts and anxiety.

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Facing Fears: Speaking Out

Facing one's fears is never easy, but sometimes all you know is the support of one friend to do it.

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7 Tips for NRIs to handle their trip to India
The NRI Vacation To India

While Indian parents living abroad are thrilled about a trip to India, often their children are not. How does one handle the challenges?

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Jobs for women abroad
Jobs For Indian Women Living Abroad: Where To Look

Jobs for women abroad when following the spouse can be scarce; some tips for working women in India on restarting your career abroad.

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Relationship Stories For Bedtime

Bedtime can be a special time where you get to know your ever changing child better

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fast food or apple?
The Gap In The Food Years

A mom's take on the challenges of feeding teenager's nutritious meals and taking care of their health, compounded by body image issues and the lure of fast food

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