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Single female, crossing 3 decades of earthly life, enjoying adventure, fine tea, books and reading along the way. Oh and, fighting patriarchy now and then.

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Ask For Help And It Will Be Given

The Harry Potter series of books is not just adult fiction but a treasure trove of life lessons. It's not surprising to find profound thoughts here.

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Why Raising Strong (Physically & Metaphorically) Women Should Be Our #1 Priority (Clue: Men, I am Tired Of Your Apathy!)

Women still have only ourselves to depend on. Most men don't seem to realise the gravity of sexual harassment and other violence women face.

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Pehredaar Piya Ki: Are We Extravagantly Thrilled Over A Silly-TV-Serial Ban?

The recent ban on Pehredaar Piya Ki may have been warranted, but does it justify our jubilation? Or only reflect our comfort with armchair protests?

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Why I Believe The Brouhaha Against The Google Dude Is Just So Much Talk

The recent Google 'screed' by an engineer arguing against diversity programs in companies, and the reactions against it, went viral. Here's an alternate point of view.

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