Priyanca Singh Ambalvi

Student at the University of Life also happen to be a Writer, Photographer and Content Strategist.

Voice of Priyanca Singh Ambalvi

5 Ways In Which My Life Changed After Adopting Minimalism

If Minimalism is a thought, decluttering is the action. This succinct post shares the joys that adopting minimalism brought to a woman's life.

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A Solo Trip That Changed My Perspective On Mistrust Of Strangers

I recently went on a solo trip which I began with a lot of anxiety, but which brought me some revelations about myself, my relationships, and fellow male passengers. 

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Dalit elite woman
What Does It Mean To Be Me, Considered An ‘Elite Dalit’ Woman In India?

This is my experience as Dalit woman in India, someone who gets judged for being an 'elite' Dalit woman. I argue here, that 'Elite Dalit' is an oxymoron, and why it is so.

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