Priya Shah

Hello! I am a Certified Image Consultant & Founder of Bespoke Image Solutions. Specializing in Image Management which offers various modules like creating Personal Style, Body Shape Evaluation, Wardrobe Evaluation, and Closet Organization. Also, Co-Founder at The Holis Tree which looks at holistic development of individuals. Academics barely teach how to face the world, deal with people, be emotionally strong, communication skills and more – Holis Tree offers life changing education based on Life Skills. Apart from work, I loves writing about social issues in India, parenting in India, relationship building, mindset of today’s adolescents, importance of choosing right career, body-image & related topics. Writing is a very strong tool, if used correctly can bring in whole lot of change in mind-set of individuals.

Voice of Priya Shah

What Colour Are You Wearing Today?

Did you know the colors that you are wearing today are already sending messages to others, before you? An image consultant speaks about the power of colours

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The Concept Of Beauty: Let’s Enhance, Empower And Evolve

What is beauty to you? It is most often the sketch that media creates for us. We need to break away from this to be able to accept and love ourselves.

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