Parul Rautela

An interactive and imaginative individual who follows her heart. Constantly striving for Women Safety, Security and Empowerment and believe that Women Empowerment is the key to Social Change. A social contributor, involved with the Cheshire Home, Kolkata.

Voice of Parul Rautela

When Men Become Champions Of Women Empowerment

If men will take an active part in helping women achieve their due place in society, that change will bring more peace, joy, and satisfaction in their own lives as well.

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Indian Streets & Women. Yes, That’s Exactly What I’m Going To Speak About!

We have all experienced some form of sexual offence from men in our lives, more than once. Something so commonplace in our country that it is normalised to become a 'part of life'.

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Woman, Fight Back; Make Him Learn What Happens When He Ignores The Word NO!

Crimes against women have been increasing, but also increasingly, women are standing up for themselves and speaking up against this.

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