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Bois Locker Room

Posted: May 15, 2020

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A poem expressing the women objectifying society leading up to the Bois Locker room incident and her personal experience of being objectified during her school times.

When I read that chat on Instagram,
It felt it again that girls are ham.
Boys will always stay superior,
Girls are meant for Posteroanterior.

It reminded me of an instance,
Dated 15 years back.
When I got a card on my school bench,
Much to my memory playback.

The card looked harmless at first sight,
To view inside seems alright.
But soon I sensed the malignity,
A stranger’s words stripped my dignity.

When he admired my eyes,
Acutely judged my size.
The vulgarity was at its height,
When he fondly praised my thighs.

I wondered how a schoolboy was so terrible,
His discussions with other boys were unimaginable.
A world where a woman is slammed,
whom should I had taken this spam?

A world where women should support one another,
I was called names and my esteem was smothered.
I still wonder if someone should have come forward,
Comfort me with words and given me power.

I was fifteen, nothing but ashamed,
I was terrified, cried and took the blame.
The time has elapsed and times have changed,
I am brave and confident but drained,
Cause I’ll never reach there unless the society rearrange.

Image Source: Pixabay.com

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