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Pallavi Pundir

मैं वो नहीं जिसे तुम जानते हो मैं के भीतर एक मैं चुप है ज्ञान के दिये के साथ जल रहा है परिवर्तन के मेघों से गर्जना कर रहा है वह जो स्वाधिनी तथा मानिनी है चुप एक चीख के साथ शब्द रचता है मैं वो हूँ!

Voice of Pallavi Pundir

Was It An Imperfect Marriage… Or Something Else Nameless?

As he came closer, I felt a surge of electricity run through my body. I had never been with a man who could arouse me with just his intelligence and choice of words because I had never met one.

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Do You Have A Problem With #MeToo? Here Is Why You Shouldn’t…

Though #MeToo is getting widespread support, it is not free from criticisms. It is unwise to condemn the whole movement due to some of its loopholes. 

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Cooking is not a yardstick of a mother being loving. Why should we consider this the benchmark?

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Ambhini: Woman Born Of Water [#ShortStory]

My parents were inconsolable; they were feeling bad for me. But rape by your own husband was a bizarre term for them. How could a husband rape his wife?

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A New Urmila… [#ShortStory]

"I didn't's just that I opened my eyes, it’s just that I stopped taking commands, it’s just that now I don't allow people to take decisions on my behalf.”

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the husband's girlfriend
The Husband’s Girlfriend [#ShortStory]

"Why you have reduced your identity to being wife –daughter of somebody? That’s not your only identity. You are gifted, you need to be known, appreciated liked or criticized for your own qualities and work."

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