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Mental Hai, So What? The Yellow Wallpaper Raised This Taboo Subject More Than A Century Ago

The recent controversy around Kangana Ranaut's upcoming movie, Mental Hai Kya? gets this author talking about The Yellow Wallpaper, a critical book that took up the issue of mental illness, far ahead of its time.

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One Day In The Life Of Shreeja The Invisible And Her Dream Man

What happens when a woman who is invisible to everybody, finally finds the man of her dreams? Read an account of this strange meeting. 

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The Curious Case Of Jyoti Mata Old Age Home And The Couple At Flat No 4

“Rohan, go inside. Leave me alone with them. I will come inside in 3.5 minutes.” Usha said and smiled. Rohan felt a chill run down his spine. He imagined his pretty wife being possessed by an evil spirit.

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