Meera R Corera (@meeraramanathan) is a SAP Consultant. She also pursues her passion for writing focusing on all things India — women, travel, immigration, food and cinema

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women's careers
Stressed By Being “Stuck In Traffic”? It Could Also Kill Women’s Careers!

Traffic is an unnecessary evil that impedes everybody. But the noose is tighter especially for women’s careers and health. Is there a way to break free from its shackles?

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7 Expert Tips To Negotiate That Pay Raise You Want

A 2015 survey found that 57% of women in India have never asked for a raise. 57%, that is more than half. Here's how to ask for that pay raise in a way that maxes your chances of getting it!

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The Director Who Shattered The Myth Of Hero-Led Movies

Strong women in films, female actors driving a film - Director K.Balachander was a pioneer here, much before it became trendy to create such films.

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common social media mistakes
5 Common Social Media Mistakes That Damage Your Business

As a business owner, you spend a lot of time on social media, but are your results good enough? These 5 common social media mistakes may be the culprit.

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Making Money as a freelancer
How To Make Money As A Freelancer (By Not Chasing It)

Making money as a freelancer is not about just keeping your eye on the financials. It becomes easier to make money when you do everything else right!

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Mix And Sip! 10 Cocktails For Women About Town

Out to have a good time? Here's the guide to ten essential cocktails for women about town!

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Why Multi-Tasking Isn’t As Good For You As You Think!

While multi-tasking may seem the divine answer to women who aspire to have it all, it really is a bittersweet potion hampering your productivity.

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How to handle a bully boss
How To Handle A Boss Who Is A Bully

There is no easy way to handle a boss who is a bully, but early intervention may help, rather than staying quiet and waiting for things to turn peachy.

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Chopped Wings: The Women Caught In The H4 Visa Trap

Many Indian women entering the US as dependants on an H4 visa end up with their potential utterly wasted. Here is an overview of their situation, and what should be done.

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Celebrate Yourself
This Valentine’s Day, Make It About You

As women, we are trained to juggle, to multi-task, to take care of others. This Valentine's Day, how about resolving to celebrate yourself for a change?

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Time saving apps
Time-saving Apps To Increase Productivity

For working women in India struggling to work efficiently and increase productivity, here are some time-saving apps that can give you an edge.

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To Lean In Learn To Lean On
To Lean In, Learn To Lean On

To have it all, we need not do it all. Teamwork is crucial for success in women’s careers. To lean in, we have to learn how to lean on.

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Smart Travel on a budget
Travel Smart On A Budget

Business travel on a budget? Yes, travelling for work need not break the bank for entrepreneurs and small businesses with a tight budget.

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Why women must drive
Women Behind The Wheel

Why women must drive: Driving gives women their much needed mobility and independence.

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Women friends
Is There Time For A Friend?

Friends often take a backseat in our lives. This Valentine’s Day, let’s remember those who fill our lives with fun and laughter.

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business travel tips
Jet, Set, Go: Tips For The Business Traveller

With more Indian women travelling internationally for work, here are some essential business travel tips to make your next trip smoother.

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