Mayukhi Chakravarty

A passion for the written word. The intent to be heard. A laptop. And a dream to reach out to millions of women like myself. I am Mayukhi Chakravarty. A voracious reader, an introvert, a book collector, a movie buff and a creative writer. Born and brought up in Kolkata, I have lived in Mumbai and Gurgaon with my husband and son, and worked in all 3 cities as a content writer. I am the happiest when I’m with my family and when I get some great writing done!

Voice of Mayukhi Chakravarty

I Wrote A Letter To My Younger Self With 12 Pieces Of Precious Advice!

I quit my job & felt 10 years younger! I wish I had always followed my heart. So, I wrote a letter to my younger self with 12 pieces of precious advice!

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lockdown hacks
6 Hacks To Prevent Yourself From Going Crazy During Lockdown 2021!

It's lockdown 2021 and I am like a pressure cooker ready to burst! I never thought my husband could make me want to jump off the cliff. And my son could drive me up the wall. Here are my tried-and tested hacks to stay sane this lockdown!

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