Manasi Diwakar

Manasi Diwakar is the author of 'Tea for Two' and a professional editor. Her work has appeared in North of Oxford, Melbourne Culture Corner, Impspired, Literary Impulse, Wingless Dreamer, The Rainbow Poems, among other places. She volunteers as a reader for Epiphany magazine and editor for Wingless Dreamer.

Voice of Manasi Diwakar

At The Support Centre For Rape Victims…

I recently watched the short film Devi by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, featuring Kajol and many other brilliant actresses, and it moved me to write this.

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A Fun Quiz For A Change – From These 11 Types, What Kind Of A Reader Are You?

Which kind of a reader are you? Do you belong to several of these categories? None of these categories? Do you know any other category?

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A Meet Cute To Remember

I…I still remember the naïve timidity in her tan eyes. It grabbed me by the throat and pulled me into a slow daze. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She briefly looked at me, then dropped her eyes to the floor.

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There Is Absolutely No Reason To Be Ashamed Of Being A Homemaker!

Don't take homemakers for granted! If they stop doing what they are doing, your house will be a dump full of dirty utensils and laundry!

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