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I am a mother of a beautiful daughter working as a software professional based in Bangalore. As a woman, i understand my rights and as well as duties towards my parents. Being a sister to a dominating brother i am most of the time succumbing to the patriarchal behavior, but that doesn't scare to me realize i am strong.

Voice of Lakshmi

I Am Made Of Human Material, Not People Pleasing Wife Material
Dear Husband, I Am Not Sorry I Am Not Your Desirable Woman

A letter to a husband who wanted a life partner made of wife material, but found a partner who is made human material!

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My Life May ‘Look’ Perfect To You, But Every Day, I Battle Several Demons

To an outsider, my life may look ideal and almost-perfect. However, I've been battling suicidal tendencies since I was a kid. Here's my story

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#NotMyLoveJihad: Negotiating The Ghoonghat, As A Bangalorean Married To A Man From Jharkhand

As a modern Bangalore woman who chose to marry a man from Jharkhand, I was thrown off the deep end when faced with regressive traditions like the ghoonghat. #NotMyLoveJihad

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a woman needs her mother
Mom, I Need Your Support In My Pregnancy. Why Do You Want To Throw My Husband And Me Out?

Gender equality at home can be a mirage for women who find themselves discriminated against by their nearest ones, even when they are in great need.

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fair skin
The Story Of My Abusive Brother And How I Rose Above It All, Despite Severe Provocation

In a battle between the rights of a daughter and the rights of a son, it is usually the son who wins. This daughter, though, rose above it all!

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