Deepa.R. Krishnan✍ A Public Relations Consultant in Dubai. Digital content creator. Cherie Blair foundation mentor alumna. Mohiniyattam dancer. Favorite quote: "The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough."

Voice of krishnadeepa

The Awakening

What steps have we taken for the protection of girls and women? Each one of us is a culprit and answerable to Nirbhaya and many others.

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Why Should A Failed Relationship Mean That I Forget To Live My Life? [Short Story]

No failed relationship is worth remaining trapped in an unfeeling, mechanical void. A short story.

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Parenting In A Connected World: How Much Is Too Much Technology For Our Kids?

As parents, we often wonder how to control technology usage with our millennial children. How do we balance the positives of technology with the negatives?

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Blood, A Poem Of Two Women By Kamala Das

Blood, which is a poem by Kamala Nehru illustrates the different aspect of a woman. In this piece, the writer talks about her own interpretation of the poem. She reviews in her own words.

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