Everybody thinks and everyone has lots of thoughts and ideas to share. The definition of a writer is very simple, the one who writes is said to be a writer. So here i am weaving my thoughts and ideas into stories, and sharing my experiences with everyone through articles. Reading has always been my passion, and now i am adding writing blogs to that list.

Voice of Kaushikii

phenomenal woman
My Mother Is A Phenomenal Woman!

Millie realized that the woman that was fighting was in fact her mother, trying desperately to stop the man from running away.

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Mumma, I Am Coming Home!

As her son is all set to leave the nest, a mother goes down the memory lane and remembers her son's happy childhood days.

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The Ride That Ended With A Twist

The experience with the auto driver thought Barkha to not to be impulsive. Sometimes we never understand why certain things happen in our life, but she was sure of one thing - this situation had taught her a valuable lesson.

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A Chance Meeting In The Ladies Compartment Changed Her Life Completely…

Humanity is the basic essence of human existence, its always help people and get help in return. Kaushikii Kalamkari explores the same in her short story. 

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The Other Side Of The Story

Sometimes, we are quick to judge. But what lies behind the superficial 'truth' that we think we know?

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When God Came To My Rescue

I told Niel that whenever he is afraid during his swimming class he can also call Gopal. “He will come to help you only if you call out his name.”

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The Wise Old Love Birds Who Made Me Believe In Love

A poignant story about an old couple who believe in being there for each other. They are a true example of how it is never too late to pursue your hobbies.

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“I Do Trust My Parenting… But I Don’t Trust The World Outside”

My friend Janaki was worried about her 16 year old daughter going to college next year, moving out of the safe environment in which she had been all her life.

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difficult choice
It Was A Difficult Choice, Taken After Discussion With Her Kids Whose Lives Would Change

Long commutes for school meant a struggle to do everything they wanted, so she discussed the options with her kids and husband, making a difficult choice.

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“How Would I Have Reacted If A Friend Or Relative Had Asked Me The Same?”

Gautami had heard this from her grandmother many times. As a child she never understood the meaning of these words. But today’s incident reminded Gautami of her grandmother’s teachings.

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She Believed In Arranged Marriages. He Wanted A Love Story!

Pihu and Bansi were family friends who went to become best friends and then partners for life. Their story might just make your day. 

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kismet konnection
Kismat Konnection

After years of living as a single mother after the death of her husband, Navika is used to being on her own. What happens when she goes to her first party in years?

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