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Diwali celebrations
A Homemaker Looks Back At Her Hectic Yet Happy Family Diwali That Just Went By…

Diwali - the BIG festival that most of our country celebrates. Here's a hilarious personal account of the Diwali that went by. 

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Mumbai Summer : The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Temperature-wise, we are pretty cool in comparison to say Nagpur, Ahmedabad or Delhi, but then we add this additional scene changing aspect of humidity and we have a killer formula!

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The Delightful Tales Of Aunty’s Idli-ism A.K.A How To Make The Perfect Idli

The southern staple for breakfast, the idli, is not as simple as it sounds. There is a certain technique to it that any South Indian aunty will be proud of.

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Why Twilight Hit Me Hard, When I Had Dismissed It For Years As ‘Mushy Teen Stuff’

I had dismissed the Twilight saga when it was a teen rage, but suddenly, one day, I found myself seduced by it - Edward Cullen, illogical love, and all!

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Grocery Shopping At Supermarkets: Are We Going Overboard?

Chuck grocery shopping at supermarkets, and get rid of all the surplus you cannot humanly consume in your home, helping the environment too in the process.

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food for thought
Food, Glorious Food…! The ‘Solution’ For All The World’s Ailments? Food For Thought, Certainly!

Can an empty stomach be the cause of all world problems? Is food the solution for all ailments? Food for thought, for sure!

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What Women Want From Their Cars. Car Manufacturers And Dealers, Are You Listening?

Like everything else from the world tailored with a male bias, cars are too. Here's a list of what women want in their cars - practical, real changes!

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Time And Tide Wait For No Woman – Check Out these ‘Social’ Signs of Ageing

An interesting, hilarious and relatable take on the 'social' signs of ageing in women, which go beyond the usual beauty related woes.

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