Jayanti Chakraborty

To quote Albert Einstein, I am ‘enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination’. Both art and imagination are as real substances to me as the air I intake and the blood coursing through my veins—rarely visible, but omnipresent. Writing, for me is the only medium which allows me to create art within a world of imagination, and I would say my upbringing had a significant lot to do with it. Demographically, I am a non-resident Bengali, born and brought up in Delhi. Being the only child of working parents, books have been my constant, and often, only companions in my childhood. My imagination and love for reading started from the times my father bought me pictured fairy tale books from the Midland bookshop at Janpath. Growing up, I started choosing my own stories to read and at some indistinctive point, to write. I have completed my graduation in English from the University of Delhi and have subsequently pursued International Relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University. I have been working as Project Leader for a financial conglomerate for last 10 years. My job takes up lion’s share of my time, but I am still free to pursue my other interests like travelling extensively, reading copiously, and dancing through the night when an opportunity presents itself.

Voice of Jayanti Chakraborty

Why Are Women Afraid To Speak Up On ‘Sensitive’ Issues At The Workplace?

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The Curious Incident Of My Mom In The Daytime

Parents often give children their love of books. In this case, a daughter chronicles the story of her mother's discovery of books.

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