Gargee V

I am a native of Ahmedabad and have been living on and off in Bangalore since 2008. I am a trained classical dancer and singer and should have been at least an economist after 5 years of studying the subject. But I eventually ended up dreading it! Ever since, I have been an ELT, a content editor, an idle wife travelling with IT professional husband, an afro-brazilian drummer and am a recent mother. I like 80s music, sewing, and good food. I don't like zoos. G stands for GREEN and I am always on the lookout for zero-waste alternatives to things we have a need for in daily life.

Voice of Gargee V

Why Just Having Fewer Babies Cannot Be A Solution For Climate Change

Telling women to have fewer babies is not the solution to problems of climate change, no matter what some experts might say!

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