Dr. Saumya Goyal

In no particular order she is a mental health professional, founder of www.weqip.com, publisher of WE MAG - A digital bimonthly magazine on emotional wellness, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a researcher, a dreamer, a believer, a friend. She likes books, food, music, and happy endings. Saumya lives by the mantra - live & let live.

Voice of Dr. Saumya Goyal

self doubt
5 Strategies I Used To Fight And Tame The Monster That Is Self-Doubt

The monster that is self-doubt can hit you when you are at your most vulnerable. It will tell you that you can't. And at such moments, these tips will help. 

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let her be her
Let Her Be Her

#Poetry. A girl can do everything anyone else can, and it is we who tell her what she cannot do, as she grows up. Let her be her, and let her grow up unfettered.

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Watching Children Enter The Enchanting World Of Books

Books can be your best friends, as well as your window to the world outside. Let's try and introduce our children to the enchanting world of books.

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Don’t Judge Women On Their Bangles, Bindis And Bicchiyas

Don't judge women based on whether they wear the 'symbols' of marriage, or choose not to. The imperative word here is: Choice.

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Resuming your career after a break
Resuming Your Career After A Break? Yes, You Can Regrow Your Wings!

Resuming your career after a break for motherhood is a temporary stage, not a full-stop to your ambitions. Stay ready and take off when it is time!

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