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understanding feminism through books
How To Understand Feminism Better Through Books – Check It Out!

Understanding feminism through books is one of the most enlightening of experiences. If you like to read, do check these out.

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bride and prejudice
Bride And Prejudice, And The Screwed-Up Beast Of Marriage In India

There seems to be a certain fatalism to the practices of marriage in India, that drag you down no matter how hard one tries to be an individual.

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Sophie's lack of choice
Sophie’s Lack Of Choice [#ShortStory]

Few years later on the day I was turning thirty, my mother-in law who was more mother to me than my own, asked me when I would be throwing away my set of birth control pills.

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women's sexual desires
The Great Indian Horny Female In A Country That Can See Her Either As A Person Or As A Pussy!

A country of men that has no concept of a woman's consent is still far from recognizing that women's sexual desires are just as valid as theirs.

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