I'm a Psychiatrist & Family Psychotherapist specialising in maternal mental health and attachment disorders. Apart from supporting new and future mothers in recovering their mental health, I'm keen to reduce stigma around mental illness and promote healthy discussions of taboo topics.

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9 Tips From Mental Health Experts For Anxious Pregnant & New Moms In COVID Times

If you are a new mom, or pregnant during this lockdown period, you might have valid fears about many things, including infection and access to healthcare. 

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staying in an abusive relationship
“For The Children’s Sake”: Does Staying In An Abusive Relationship Impact On Your Kids?

Parents fighting all the time can affect kids deeply. Is there any sense in staying in an abusive relationship "for the children's sake" then?

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hidden symptoms of depression
These 7 Hidden Symptoms Of Depression Are A Call For Help. Can You Spot Them In A Loved One?

Hidden symptoms of depression can often make it difficult to diagnose, putting your loved one at risk. Here are 7 such symptoms that you must look out for.

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Inside A Depressed Mum’s Mind

Post natal depression is more common than you think. It happens, and it is not your fault. Get help for post natal depression.

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“Mummy, Where Did I Come From?” A Birth Story That Will Warm Your Heart

"Mummy, where did I come from?" When a child poses this infamous question to her parents, the birth story her parents tell her is priceless.

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Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse: Here Are 6 Effective Ways

How to protect your child from sexual abuse? The answer might not be simple. However here are 6 effective ways, to educate your child about it.

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