I am a mother first, a wife then and a writer and dreamer mostly. As I begin my third decade as a poet and an advertising executive, and a linguistics trainer, I have come to my own as a person, seen life pass by, the world change around me and change me along. I do not advocate feminism or any other -ism... I simply hope and pray and expect a world that has a place, love and heart for every living creature, all due respects and no space for violence. I'm no more than a simple, reactionary woman caught up in these turbulent times, not a visionary or a revolutionary. I write in the hope that maybe these words I spew would make some one somewhere laugh, think, weep, or stop or start. One little ripple of change is my skyline for now.

Voice of An_Anya

Confessions Of A ‘Fat Girl’: “I Am Mocked, Ridiculed And Forgotten”

People mocked the 'fat girl' - her huge waistline, bad hairstyle, and fashion choices. Her decision to keep her suffering a secret comes with consequences.

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