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‘We Called The Police After A Harrowing Cab Ride And They Laughed At Us!’ A Kolkata Woman Recalls

A woman and her friend called the police following a harrowing cab ride. After mocking them for the call, they still haven't done anything!

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Why Menstruation Is Also Men’s Business

Men need to know about menstruation and menstrual taboos too. Talk to your boys about this, so that they grow up to be men who're sensitive to the women in their lives.

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selfies are empowering
Sounds Illogical, But Sharing A Selfie Means That YOU Are In Charge… Find Out How!

Selfies give women the agency on how they want to be seen, instead of how others see them. In this context, I'd say selfies are empowering to women.

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There’s No Urban and Rural Feminism. Feminism is Feminism

The author writes an analytical post wherein she brings out the fact that the problems of women from different stratas of society may be different but they all need feminism. 

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Dear Bullied & Shamed Body, I Love You As You Are

An open letter by the author to her body, which has borne the brunt of the shaming that a society that goes by stereotypes does, instead of looking at the person herself.

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How My Mother And Teachers Socialized Me Into Becoming An Ill-Informed Woman

I was taught that a menstruating woman was impure, and that sex always causes pregnancy, among other things, by my mother and teachers, and had to search for my own answers later.

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space of her own
An Indian Woman NEVER Has Any Space Of Her Own – From Childhood To Old Age!

There is no concept of personal space of her own for an Indian woman; we are expected to live our lives in one of the many roles that are outlined for us.

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As A Young Woman, Whom Do I Trust As People Think Nothing Of Breaking It?

Women need to be wary of whom they trust, simply because society, even family members, think nothing of riding roughshod over their trust.

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My Friend Was Raped By A Relative As A Child, And The Family Hushed It Up!

Sexual violence doesn't just bruise the body, it bruises the soul. Do not just bury your pain by distractions, treat them- care for your mental health, it's just as precious as your body.

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travel alone
Yes I’m A Solo Traveller. If You Have A Problem With That, Deal With It!

I travel alone. Yes I like to travel alone. For some that would be shocking. But I do not see any reason to drag along someone I do not want to take along, just so others feel better.

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Indian media
Dear Indian Media, We Love These Relatable Contemporary Women

The very relatable urban young women in Indian visual media - either the big or small screen - are a sign that Indian media is moving with the times.

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Let’s Talk About The ‘Nagging’ Women We Are Accused Of Being

The stereotype of the nagging woman exists for a reason - because women are expected to nurture others, even as our requests are not taken seriously, until we - nag!

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