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Woman, Leo, Foodie, Reader, Writer, Mother... in that order. I write for a living, I write as a hobby, I write to let go, I write to hold on. I write...

Voice of Megha Arora

Some Scars Are Not Visible [#ShortStory]

Domestic abuse doesn't always mean physical abuse which leaves visible scars. Some scars are not visible.

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15 Life Lessons From A Mother On Her Daughter’s 18th Birthday

It is exciting to be 18 and on the brink of an independent life. Here are 15 life lessons from a mother to her daughter on her 18th birthday that we could all use.

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The Uprising : Fighting Back For Yourself

This is the riveting second part of the story - Bedroom Politics - where four women take control of their lives, and deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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When Enough Is Enough : The Life Of A Woman

The life of a woman is spent succumbing to stereotypes or battling them. Here is a riveting account of what conditioning, parenting, and attitudes do to a woman.

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An Open Letter To Givers Of Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Mothers are bombarded with unsolicited parenting advice at every chance. Here is an open letter venting out the frustrations of mommies out there!

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Bedroom Politics: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Our social faces mask the joys and trials of our private lives. Here is a riveting story about bedroom politics, and the lives of four women.

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We’re All In This Together : The Nod Of Solidarity

Here is a story about how we're all in this together - to fight back, and reclaim public spaces from the menace of sexual harassment.

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