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Aesha Shah is a Certified Global Career Counsellor & a Certified Career Counsellor For International Studies. She is a popular parent, fitness blogger with a penchant for understanding child ( esp Teenage) psyche. Her vision is to prepare students by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and mentoring them to withstand the challenges in these competitive times. She set up her blog Aesha's Musings in 2016 to share her experiences as a parent and to interact with other parents through my writings. Her blog features in the Directory of Top Indian Blogs. Aesha is also a sub-editor at My Paper - a monthly newspaper for children. Visit her site to read her blogs. To contact her for career counselling needs visit

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How To Become A Career Advisor Consultant In India?
How To Become A Career Advisor Consultant In India

A Career advisor consultant is also known as a career coach and counsellor. They evaluate the capabilities, interests and personality of the candidate. Based on the analysis, they guide students and professionals for the most suitable career option

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What Does It Mean to Let Your Children Truly Follow their Dreams?

Allowing your children to follow their dreams sounds like the right thing to do, but what does it mean in practice? A mother explores.

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Our Talent Speaks Louder Than Our Disability: Dhanya Ravi

True inclusion includes providing access for people with disability to contribute and innovate at work too. Here's a perspective that will make you think!

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Why Don’t We See Women Cabbies? Vandana Suri Created An Answer To This Problem

"Women don't drive cabs." When Vandana Suri questioned this dogma, she helped create a culture of equality. Listen to her story!

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Revealed! A Simple And Smart Plan To Secure Your Child’s Ambitions

An easy way to grow your money so that when your child is ready to make a choice, so are you! Will you say 'No' where it matters the most?

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On Women’s Day, One Mall Is Giving Women In Mumbai A Chance To Celebrate With Their Besties

There are quite a few interesting things happening at this city mall for International Women's Day, are you listening, ladies? Time to spend some fun times with your friends.

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Colgate Strong Teeth
Ignoring Your Child’s Dental Health = A Recipe For Lifelong Dental Worry!

Poor oral hygiene, insufficient calcium in the diet and an overdose of sugary and starchy foods can all harm your child’s teeth. The time to take action is now!

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Why I’ll Be A Mom Who Says Yes [A Lot More!] Often

It’s natural to say ‘No’ to your child often, because you are worried for her health. But is there a way to be a Yes Mom? Find out!

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