Revealed! A Simple And Smart Plan To Secure Your Child’s Ambitions

An easy way to grow your money so that when your child is ready to make a choice, so are you! Will you say 'No' where it matters the most?

Children and their dreams are ever evolving! Are we, as parents, financially equipped to support our children to follow their dreams? 

Children these days wants to do a lot! My daughter is nine years old, and she spends seven hours of her day at school. She has judo, football, speech, drama, weekly dance class, etc. besides many academic subjects. Seems like she is a master juggler of activities.

Apart from her involvement at school, she has also been learning swimming since the age of three. Her passion for swimming only grew with time, and today she is aiming for competitive swimming. So, she swims three hours daily, six days a week. Being in the pool and training hard is what matters to her the most.

Although she spends most of her time training for swimming, she is equally passionate about dance. On one day she wants to become a national level swimmer and on the other, she wants to become a dancer. Growing minds change before we know it. As a parent, I believe in preparing myself to ensure that her dreams will be fulfilled no matter what.

I always try to support my daughter in whatever she chooses to do or whatever she aspires to become. I always try to give her the best of facilities – be it school, trainers, equipment etc. For me to be able to do so, I need smart financial planning. Therefore, I have planned for my daughter’s future with ICICI Pru Signature; a ULIP plan from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. The plan helps me ensure that my daughter will never have to compromise on her dreams and can focus on fulfilling her ambitions.

ICICI Pru Signature is unique because it gives me the option to grow my money and at the same time also gives my family the security with a life cover. This means I have more money for my child’s education and at the same time, my family can continue to fulfil their dreams no matter what.

Additionally, the plan also rewards me for staying invested in it for the long term. It adds back 5% of the annual premium amount as value benefit to my investments in the second and sixth year of the policy. As a loyalty reward, the plan contributes to my wealth by allocating additional units to my policy at the end of every 5th year (starting from the 10th year of my policy term) till the end of the policy. A perfect blend of these unique benefits helps me maximise my money for my daughter’s future.

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There’s even more. The plan returns all the premium allocation charges at the end of the 10th policy year and the same amount gets added back to the investments, at the end of every 5th policy year thereafter. This means that the investment for my daughter’s future will keep increasing with time.

While I try to do everything to prepare for my daughter’s future, there is one thing that I cannot control. That’s the choice of her future. She is young and her ambitions keep changing as she grows. Like I said earlier, she is passionate about swimming but also has a keen interest in dance. In future, she may aspire to be an astronaut or anything else. All I can do today is being financially prepared for her future and with ICICI Pru Signature; I am now confident that my daughter’s future is secured.

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