Abantika Mukherjee

I am a mother, daughter, wife and everything in between....that does not define me fully. Am a dreamer, nature lover and I love to muse about things around me. I am a blogger. Am interested in all things kids and I also write in a kid's e-zine. I love to travel and I write for a travel magazine as well. I have a hankering passion for local art, culture and cuisine. I was a finance professional who used to crunch numbers but I have chosen to liberate myself from desk and cubicle life. Reading, writing and dancing are the things I do to relax, unwind and to keep sane.

Voice of Abantika Mukherjee

How Unfair: This Prejudice Cuts Across All Of Indian Society

Is the prejudice against dark skin linked to lack of education? Or rather, is this prejudice going strong among so-called educated Indians too?

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