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Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant, The Badass Diva Who Won’t Be Shut Down!

Rakhi Sawant announced her wedding with long term boyfriend Adil Durrani recently. What do we know of her journey and the choices she made?

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I Really Hope No Child Has To Go Through Something Like This…

There is no woman in this world who hasn't been sexually harassed, but to think that someone would do this to a child is grotesque!

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17 Yrs Of Lakshya: Where Are The Films About ‘Clueless’ Women Who ‘Find’ Themselves?

Maybe a little representation on women who fuck around, women who make mistakes, are irresponsible, and unaware of their life goals would help us.

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Newsflash! My Uterus Doesn’t Give Me An Upper Hand On The Consistency Of The Dal!

I had to do all the cooking for my parents and grandparents when they were in isolation for COVID at home, and boy, it was a whole new thing altogether!

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The Trailer Of Netflix Film Ray Made Me Rage, WHERE Are Ray’s Iconic Women?!

Satyajit Ray famously gave us so many great women characters. Then where are the women in Ray, Netflix's tribute to the director?

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The Boy’s Nice And Likes You, The Shaadi Is Tomorrow; What’s The Problem Now?!

I don’t care! You want me to get married because the clothes have come from the tailor, do you even hear yourself ma!” Trisha screamed back.

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She Wanted Someone Else; Why Must She Always Follow A Path Decided For Her By Others?

Would she have to follow a part that was pre-decided for her, always? What if she longed for a different kind of love? Or lover?

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Had The Relationship In Sir Happened In Real Life, Would Ratna Be Labelled A Gold Digger?

The movie 'Sir, Is Love Enough,' while heartwarming also makes you question the privilege of being able to love and have it reciprocated.

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As A Woman, Why Am I Expected To Feel Grateful About Being Allowed To Live!

Women are grateful for such odd things all the time, from basic rights to basic considerations to the basic choices we are entitled to.

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When My Cousin Was Declared ‘Dead To The Family’ Coz She Chose Whom She Married

"In our family, my 13 year old brother can have an opinion and a plan, but a woman clearly can't have an opinion or decide for herself who she wants to idolize or marry!"

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It’s Time We Stopped Feeding Girls The Idea That Marriage Is Their Ultimate Life Goal!

Right from our childhood, we are taught the idea of love and its intersection with marriage. But why can't they be two different entities?

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