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Inspiring Woman Of The Week

Posted: September 1, 2013

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Zubaida Bai is the Founder and CEO of Ayzh – a social venture providing health and livelihood solutions to economically disadvantaged women.

According to the UN, one maternal death occurs every 10 minutes in India. A large number of these deaths occur due to poverty, unhygienic practices and a lack of awareness. In 2010, Zubaida Bai decided to do something constructive instead of simply being appalled at such statistics.

Zubaida Bai holds a Master’s in Engineering (Product Development & Design) and an MBA (Social & Sustainable Enterprises). Putting her education and experience to good use, she launched Ayzh’s signature product, Janma. Janma is a clean birth kit which contains simple tools recommended by WHO to provide sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth. This kit goes a long way in saving lives of women and infants.

Ayzh also employs local women to assemble the kits, thereby providing a source of livelihood and sustenance to the women. Soon, they plan to develop a new-born kit as well as a port partum haemorrhage kit. Zubaida Bai’s work in the field of maternal healthcare has been recognized worldwide; she was a TED Indian Fellow in 2009, an Ashoka Maternal Health Fellow in 2010 and an Echoing Green Fellow in 2012.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For being an agent of change in the lives of impoverished women across the world.

– For understanding and empathizing with the harsh ground realities of life as an Indian woman, especially in rural areas.

– For empowering women from poor socio-economic conditions through Ayzh.

*Photo source: TED.

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