Tick-Tock, We’re 30: Book Giveaways!

Want to review Tick-Tock, We're 30 Milan Vohra, the first Indian Mills & Boon author? Westland Books, with Women's Web is giving away 10 review copies!

Want to review Tick-Tock, We’re 30, a new novel from Milan Vohra, the first Indian Mills & Boon author? Westland Books in partnership with Women’s Web is giving away 15 review copies!

‘Interesting, isn’t it, how someone is always utterly attractive to someone else? For every male tree frog, there is a female tree frog whose dry skin and warts and bulging eyes are the most divine. and to you, Lara Bagai, a karela is a thing of beauty,’ Nishad comments.

So he remembers I love karela. So what?

‘I take it your interest in frogs is purely academic?’ I snigger.

‘I promise you I am not in danger of being madly besotted by one anytime soon,’ he half-smiles.

The clock is ticking towards Lara’s thirtieth birthday and the whole gang is coming together to celebrate it. It’s a pact they made back then to meet when they all finally turned that age. So far, so cool. What isn’t cool is the other pact Lara had made one tipsy evening with Nishad. To marry each other if neither of them were hitched by then.

Quirky characters, mix-ups, hook-ups, suspense – Tick-Tock, We’re 30 is the latest offering from Milan Vohra, the first Indian Mills & Boon author.

One of Milan’s stories won a Harlequin contest and made her India’s first Mills & Boon author. Her book, The Love Asana, became so popular they’re now translating it into several indian languages and taking it global too.

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In Tick-Tock, We’re 30, Milan lets her wackier side loose – with interesting results!

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