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The Great Adjustment Story

Posted: December 15, 2010

The Women’s Web ‘Great Adjustment Story’ contest invites you to look at ‘adjustment’ in relationships, especially when applied to women!

The word “adjustment” figures very often in the advice handed out to Indian women. Learn to adjust. If you adjust for some time, everything will be alright.

To what point does one adjust? Should everyone in a new relationship learn to adjust rather than it being expected mostly from one person? Are women by nature more ‘adjustable’? How does one decide if it is worth it? And what should be non-negotiable?

On that theme, is our new contest at Women’s Web, ‘The Great Adjustment Story.’

This contest is open for the next 10 days, i.e. from 16th to 25th December. To participate in the contest, all you need to is:

1. Blog your “Great Adjustment Story” – it could be your own story, that of someone you know or just your views on the whole ‘Adjustment’ bit. It could be in the context of marriage or any other relationship. Funny, sad, thoughtful, helpful – all kinds of posts are welcome.

2. Make sure you include a link to our blog post, 3 Adjustment Stories somewhere in your post.

3. Let us know of your entry – at the comments section here, on the Women’s Web Facebook page, at our twitter ID, or by emailing us at contests@womensweb.in with the words ‘Adjustment Story’ in your subject line.

(If you don’t have a blog but want to participate, you can send it to us as an attached document at the e-mail ID mentioned above, and if it wins, we’ll publish it here. For these entries, obviously, step 2 doesn’t apply).

Prizes? The best post wins a Rs. 500 Flipkart voucher while two more great posts win a Rs. 250 Flipkart voucher (we can make that a $10/$5 Amazon voucher for those of you outside India).

Go ahead then – blog/write and wait up to see if the voucher is yours!

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