5 Unique Summer Camps For Kids

Summer camps for kids are a lot of fun while also giving parents a break. Check out these 5 innovative camps!

Summer camps for kids are a lot of fun while also giving parents a break. Check out these 5 innovative camps!

By Aditi Bose

Summer’s here and schools have shut. It is vacation time. Now is the time for summer camps for kids. Abroad, there are many options for teaching kids various things through summer camps, from circus camps where kids learn to walk on stilts to fashion camps where kids learn to choose, sew fabric and meet a designer and even dinosaur camps where they go on fossil digging expeditions.

This year, India too sees many unusual summer camps being designed for young minds. While the usual art and craft, dance and book reading are still there in plenty, some of the newer entrants like learning leadership, teaching kids about money and even camps helping kids to learn about environment protection are slowly gaining popularity. Below are five such unusual summer camps for kids in 2013:

1. Wildlife summer camps for kids

Frolic Boonies, located in Bangalore, has been organizing this summer camp for kids in the age group of 9-17 for the past five years in the forests of Mudumalai, Parambikulam, Wayanad and Kodaikanal. These camps are a lot of fun and also help in teaching kids about the animal kingdom.

The camp includes trekking, bird watching, animal tracking, fresh water fish identification, wildlife games, horse riding, bamboo rafting and kayaking. The kids are given simple vegetarian food and lodging is in bamboo huts. It is safe too because there is a doctor on call always. For more information they can be contacted at 09448476888/85160 or e-mail [email protected].

Similar camps are organized by Corbett Wilds Camp and Retreat ([email protected]) and Inme’s Camp ([email protected])

2. Robotics summer camps for kids

This is the second year that Arobot, a division of BABA Research Centre, is organizing this camp for children in Chennai. Arobot employs skilled personnel who encourage active thinking by teaching kids to explore and learn thus prompting them to ask a lot of questions. This summer camp for kids is ideal for those parents who want to send their kids to a camp where not only will they enjoy themselves but will also improve their power of logical thinking, interpersonal skills, creativity and problem solving ability.

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The two week workshop involves a theoretical session on computing and science, exposure to various fields of engineering and certified training in robotics, which involves lab training in hands on building of robots, examples from real life and class projects. Contact numbers: 09840415558/ 09789495949/ 09444777567.

A few other science based summer camps for kids are: iKen Scientifica Lab (04442051961) in Chennai, LabSci (09619989040) and Science Utsav (09900616417/ 09029402026) in Mumbai and First Flight (9880502987/ 9880598278/ 9886535840) in Bangalore.

3. Cartoon making summer camps for kids

This summer camp for kids aged 7-14 is being organized in Mumbai by Toon Club. The club has tied up with popular schools such as Ecole Mondiale World School, Beacon High and Billabong High. This workshop of twelve sessions covers theoretical knowledge like history of animation, how to use various optical devices and most importantly, gives the child the opportunity to create three animation movies, each using different techniques. At the end of the course a DVD and a certificate is given to each participant. For more information one can speak to Tehzeeb at 09702111102 or the club can be mailed at [email protected]

4. Theatre summer camps for kids

The Summermal Jain Public School Anand Mudra in Delhi is the place this summer for Indian moms who wish to explore the acting talents of their kids. These workshops are scheduled for the months of May and June. This is a must explore workshop because not only is it about teaching kids acting, but these camps also aid personality development using the medium of theatre. Certificates are awarded to all. For more details they can be contacted at 09968120127/ 09868084577.

Another theatre camp is the Barry John’s workshop (09716114477) in Saket, Delhi. This is the third year for them and it’s become quite popular because children not only perform in skits but also each gets to write his own play by creating characters and dialogues. And of course, other than the certificate of participation, each child gets a Barry John’s t-shirt.

Bangalore too has its share of theatrical summer camps for kids. One such is  Ranga Shankara’s Summer Express.  A few highlights of this camp are a workshop conducted by the documentary filmmaker Pankaj Gupta and a workshop on mask-making by Satyabrata Rout, a professor from the Department of Theatre Arts. They can be mailed at [email protected]. Most theatre workshops are for kids aged 8-18 years.

5. Detective and Forensic summer camps for kids

If your children are hooked onto detective books then this summer camp for kids is surely going to grab your attention! This is a seven day workshop in Santacruz, Mumbai where children in two age group slots will spend time gathering evidence, comparing finger prints, analysing handwriting etc. For more details visit Forensic Workshop For Kids or call them at 09819288253 / 09967064039.

Another one is called Holmes For The Holidays near Opera House, Mumbai which is organized by FACTS. More details via e-mail ([email protected]) or phone 08082228741.

Your child can become a criminal investigator at the Atria mall in Worli, Mumbai as well. Camp Forensics helps kids to learn and analyse various crime scene strategies using different clues. Mail at [email protected] or call at 02267363630/ 09820045970 for more details. Spy Camps are also being organized at Borlivili by KidzArt. Mail to [email protected] for further information.

As you can see, depending on the child’s interests, Indian moms have a whole range of options to choose from. Pick a summer camp that is most suited for your child and let them enjoy themselves!

*Photo credit: U.S Embassy New Delhi (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)


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