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8 Solar Lanterns For Eco-Friendly Lighting

Bring the sun into your home! These 8 solar lanterns provide eco-friendly lighting and also help with energy conservation.

Bring the sun into your home! These 8 solar lanterns provide eco-friendly lighting and also help with energy conservation.

By Paromita Pain

This article was originally published at The Alternative – an online publication on social change and sustainable living.

The sun lights up our world in the morning. Today, thanks to technology, the sun can provide light even after sun down. So if you are looking to brighten up your home, office or garden with eco-friendly lighting, here are a few solar lanterns to go after:

Solar Lantern by Flexitron

Solar Lantern by Flexitron

Flexitron produces the Solar Powered LED Lantern Ultra Bright for use at home and camp sites. The lantern is charged with solar energy and illuminates through a group of Ultra Bright Multi Chip LEDs. The lantern, the size of usual home lanterns, is designed to provide illumination up to a minimum of nine hours. A built in protection circuit provides deep discharge protection for battery. It comes with a solar charging panel and is made to last.

Mighty Light produces multifunctional lamps that can be used to light rooms or study areas, carried around as flashlights, charge cell phones, radios, MP3 players or even a small water purifier. Specially designed for use in tough conditions, it is water and breakage resistant, and helps eliminate the use of kerosene lamps that lakhs of people in India have traditionally used. Amit Chugh, CEO of Mighty Light says that it is used by hundreds of thousands across India, Africa and Latin America.

The Mighty Light

The Mighty Light

Grameen Surya Bijlee Foundation has an LED Lantern with a cheerful yellow base that runs on 6V power. A joint venture between the Tata Power Company Ltd and BP Solar, it produces the Tata Deep Solar lamps that give two to three hours of light on a single charge.

Eveready HL05 Stylo digiLED Solar Lantern

Eveready HL05 Stylo digiLED Solar Lantern

The Eveready HL05 Stylo digiLED Lantern, available at a cost of Rs. 375, was introduced as a substitute to kerosene lanterns. Since its launch, it’s sold over two million units.

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D.Light – The award-winning d.light S10 is a versatile, multi-purpose solar lantern that provides up to 8 hours of light on a full battery and uses highly efficient LEDs. It comes with a solar panel that is conveniently integrated into every d.light S10 to make solar charging easy and this can also be charged through the AC power grid with any standard 2 mm Nokia mobile charger.

Solar Lantern: D.Light

Solar Lantern: D.Light

AuroRE, a unit responsible for promoting renewable energy applications within and outside Auroville, has home-lighting systems and solar lanterns. Its lamps work like the Freeplay Energy products. They are a leading manufacturer of wind and solar powered products, specializing in outdoor leisure, emergency preparedness, and development. Its Indigo LED Lantern is a dependable lantern that has no bulbs, burn out or disposable batteries to replace. It has a built-in crank to power it when needed with an adjustable brightness that can last up to 35 hours.

BPL Techno Vision Pvt Limited has recently launched the BPL ‘Q’ Tech which requires only four hours for full charging and gives five hours of light unlike the 8 – 12 hours of charging required by other lights in the category. Their website lets customers order online and they have dealership locations as well. They are very cost effective and are cheap to operate. Usually it costs about Rs 2 to run a day and the cost for the product varies between 375 to 1200 depending on the accessories and range of lighting.

Euro Diya, a part of Eureka Forbes’s community fulfillment initiative sells the Eurodiya E200, a powerful solar bulb which runs for more than 5 hours once fully charged. It is break resistant and rain proof and has a multi-switch which allows one to adjust the brightness levels of the light. It is sold at Rs. 599, and is available for order through their site. Made to last, these lamps are energy efficient and can be used in various situations safely. Most can be ordered online (at Indiamart and Flipkart) or through dealerships.

So go ahead, power your house with solar this new year!

*Featured image credit: barockschloss (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)
*All other images courtesy The Alternative.


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