Simple Home Decor Ideas

Posted: September 19, 2012

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Are you facing a decor burnout? Check out these simple home decor ideas to inspire you again!

By Sundeep Sandhu

This article was first published at Masala Mommas.

Sometimes I run out of steam when it comes to decorating. Typical fatigue factors for me include running out of time, money and a general lack of enthusiasm and energy. Sounds familiar? Do any of you have neglected rooms out there that are just crying for some much needed attention? Here are a few ways that I get out of my design funk and that just might help you get your design mojo going too. 

Find inspiration for home decor online

Since a fair amount of us are in front of computers use the resources at your fingertips and draw some inspiration from the World Wide Web itself. Start with the design shelter magazine galleries like House & HomeStyle at Home and Elle Décor. I like to pop over to great photo sites and online magazines such as Houzz and Lonny. Don’t forget the plethora of design blogs out there that are just brimming with ideas! There are great sites now like Pinterest that allow you to collect and organize your images, not to mention sources of inspiration themselves. Oh and you can always just Google it.

Shop around your house – or your mom’s

I usually start shopping around my house first to see what I can move and use elsewhere. Maybe a chair needs a new home or some pillows or artwork look better in a new space. You can always pop over to your parents place too and “borrowa lamp or throw. You know, help them de-clutter. Whatever it is, move it around and try it out in your ignored space…chances are it might look better and bring new life into a tired room.

Create a mood board

If you are savvy with PowerPoint or even a pair of scissors start creating a mood board to throw together images of what you like. Creating a virtual space can help narrow down what you want, like and need. If you are too lazy, there are plenty of affordable designers out there that will ask you a few questions and create one for you. Sometimes you just need someone else’s opinion to get started. Once a mood board is created make a budget, set some timelines and start chipping away at your décor goals.

Get crafty – DIY home decor

I’m not very crafty at all and well, I barely DIY, but on occasion will attempt it to see where it leads me. Okay it could turn out to be a disaster or maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and get connected with your inner artist. The point is that it gets your juices going and sometimes turns into a great laugh.

Decorating for me is a process. Take your time and don’t sweat the small stuff. Sure it is nice to have all your spaces ‘done’ but take the time you need to create the space you love. Use budgets and set small goals to make the process affordable and less daunting and in no time you will create a space with ample character and style.

*Photo credit: yvestown (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)

About The Author: For more decor inspiration follow Sundeep Sandhu on @designwali or visit her online at Designwali.

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  1. Nice article, and liked the term “running out of steam” while decorating home. Really lack of space, time, money and energy keep us tied up most of the time. I face a main issue of crowded surfaces-table tops etc and racks as I love to buy books and knick-knacks. Also having young child keeps the surfaces crowded with their stuff or DIYs.

  2. Informative post, On this fast life people does’nt care about home decor or neatness.Atleast you found time to post about this.Keep sharing your informative ideas.

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