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Posted: September 28, 2012

In our final Shopping Story, Arundhati Venkatesh talks about the travails of shopping for footwear – for her over-sized feet!

Arundhati, in her own words: An engineer by degree, a mother, an observer of life and people, a feminist, a minimalist and a compulsive maker of lists! An IT professional in my previous life, I now put my project management skills to use in ways I had not thought possible. I work for an NGO that empowers the differently-abled. I review children’s books at Someday, I hope to have my own books up on the shelves and see children enjoying them. I record my adventures with my son at

I dislike shopping except for the occasional sari buys, and the not-so-occasional book hunting expeditions. Is it a coincidence that there is no fitting for size involved in either? The most depressing kind of shopping for me is when I have to buy footwear.

I must say here that like Noddy’s friend Big Ears, I could easily be nicknamed Big Feet. My feet burst in all directions. As a schoolgirl, I had two choices. Remember the episode in Friends, the one in which Monica covets pretty shoes and ends up with her feet blistered and bleeding? I’ve been there, many times. It was either that, or wearing the highly practical, handmade chappals custom-made by my grandfather’s cobbler.

As an adult living in the pseudo-phoren land that is Bangalore, the latter is not even an option anymore. At five feet seven inches, high heels are a no-no. As the years went by, it became more and more difficult to find simple serviceable slippers. I thought my requirements were straightforward – no glitter, no bright colours, no fuss. Just a simple, black or brown strap to hold the sole in place, and something to keep my feet comfortable – is that too much to ask for?

It was, I found. After trips to half a dozen stores nearby, I decided to go back to the shop in the locality we lived earlier, ten kilometres away. It was there that I found what I was looking for. I bought exactly the same model I had been wearing for a year. A discount on an already inexpensive item meant the purchase didn’t make even a prick in my purse. On the way home, I was pleased with myself for being low maintenance. How many people would be content buying the same model year after year, and spend so little? Then I thought – how many people would go to a shop ten kilometres away to buy a pair of slippers? Low maintenance is the new high maintenance!

A year passed and I needed new footwear again. On a trip to that part of town, I thought I would pop into my regular store and pick up a pair. Imagine my horror when I found the place with its shutters down. After asking around, I returned with a heavy heart – the shop had to be closed for good (bad, for me) because there wasn’t enough business anymore. What was I going to do?

So the hunt began again. I tried store after store, but had no luck.

On one such trip, I walked into one of those chain stores. The salesman took one look at my feet, and went away to service someone else. I looked on as he attended to a lady trying on fashionable and funky footwear, with high heels. He was helping her out, she, asking for his opinion. She was big, but her feet were not. With delicate dainty pedicured feet, she was a shoe salesman’s dream customer.

After a quarter of an hour and some impatience exhibited by yours truly, he returned – albeit unwillingly. I pointed to a few and asked if they were available in my size. “None of these are. You have big feet”, he said. And added, “Try the men’s section”.

As I walked out, I offered myself as a sop, “I also have a big heart.”

*Photo credit: Thingo (Used under the Creative Commons Attribution License.)

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  1. Hear, hear, big heart! I’ve been through the same experiences too. But since we relocate every couple of years, I have even more shop-hunting to do. I find that simple designs with flat soles do come in the bigger sizes, so I’m happy.

  2. This is absolutely hilarious… the story I mean, not the pain you have to take to find the right footwear… 🙂 Beautifully written!!

  3. Swarna – If you ever move to Bangalore, we can exchange notes on shoe shops 🙂

    Simran, thanks!

  4. Hi arundhati.. Well put.. I know the feeeling… My feet are between a size 8 and 9 and broad.. Cant get much worse.. And i’m often pointed in the direction of the mens section… 🙁 growing up in mumbai passing linking road used to depress me.

    Btw i have found that usually Catwalk, mochi and Blak in bangalore have some decent (read non Horrible or boring) stuff in big sizes.. U could try those. .

  5. Catwalk is what I’m wearing now (found just one pair that fit me!) and I’ve banked on Mochi for years. Will check Blak out, thanks Aditi!

    • :)) most welcome.. Feet woes are worse than dental woes acc. to me.. 🙂

      wanted to share… found a new brand called Walkway that had some really good stuff in size 9. They apparently have one store at commercial street in bangalore. Pepper (stocked at Lifestyle and Blak) sometimes has one offs in a large size.

  6. A very humorous way of putting something, which I am sure was not so easy to deal with ! Loved that you could retain your sense of humor. Btw, as far as finding good comfortable, low heel,no glitter, comfortable shoes are concerned, even I have a tough time finding it ! They don’t make them anymore 🙁

  7. loved the way you have penned your thoughts … I so can relate to your feet dilemma, I too have big feet – size 10 (41) … I know the feeling of why cant I just get a simple comfy pair of footwear.. You should watch the movie “In her Shoes” a good chick flick 🙂

  8. ha ha… Could see myself in these lines… Have had big feet and have always found it difficult to get fancy footwear. Have found at least a pair that would fit me and not look hideous in Hush Puppies, Mochi (Glad you mentioned them!) and Woodlands. Am a big fan of Kolhapuri chappals because they allow your feet to go in all directions… 🙂

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