Priya Panicker Aces Technology

Posted: July 24, 2013

A leaf out of the diary of Priya Panicker – the modern Indian woman who hopes to have it all! Today, she learns to ace technology!

By Sunita Kurup Sapru

Priya Panicker: The Modern Indian Woman

About The Author: Sunita Kurup Sapru is a freelance writer who loves food, friends and family. She blogs at SuKupedia.

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  1. Mohan needs to learn to make his own breakfast in the microwave and read the newspaper on his cell phone.

  2. @SUKU07 – Your comment just gave me an idea. Why not hire a baby-sitter for people like Mohan, you know the way we do for our toddlers! 😀

    • but then they will have to pay for that no? Wife as a baby sitter is free of cost according to the types like Mohan O_O

  3. Oye Suku sahi! How much of it real sweetie 😀 😀


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