Modern Family: With Unmana

Posted: March 19, 2012

On a brand new 20-min episode of Modern Family, we are joined by marketing professional Unmana of the blog Unmana’s Words.

The hardest part of any marriage can be money. Who earns it, how to manage it, where to spend it – it can create strong differences in the best of couples. And if it was hard back in the days of single-income families, then things have only become more complicated since it’s become acceptable for women to join the workforce.

Unmana discusses:

– The importance of communication in a relationship

– Why women need a “runaway fund”

– Maintaining separate finances – pros and cons

– The financial challenges of marrying young and

– The freedom of your own bank account

Click to play or click on the download button to listen at your leisure. Join us next month for a brand new episode of Modern Family!

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  1. Hello! could not play the podcast! 🙁

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