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Modern Family: With Maith Iyengar

Posted: May 21, 2012

This month’s brand new 15-minute episode of the Modern Family podcast features Maith Iyengar, a working mother of two.

According to the World Economic Forum, women in India are still severely under-represented in the labour force. And it doesn’t help that a new generation of well-educated young women from a rising middle class are apparently less inclined to work.

In this episode of Spotlight, I talk to Maith, a telecom engineer settled in the United States, about her arranged marriage and how she and her husband have made it work for nearly two decades. We discussed –

Working women

– The outright discrimination faced by working women a generation ago

– The effect of these experiences on the women who continued to work

– Family vs. work – is it easier to live abroad?


– The recent trend of couples across the diaspora inviting parents-in-law to live with them

– The effect of this on children

– Pros and cons


– Why communication is key

– The importance of marrying a man who respects you

– Finding time for each other

– Surface modernity and sexism that refuses to die out

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