7 Ways To Look Great At Work During Pregnancy

Maternity wear for working women in India is now a booming market - find something that’s comfortable, in your budget and can be reused later!

Maternity wear for working women in India is now a booming market – find something that’s comfortable, in your budget and can be reused later!

By Mansi Zaveri

The wardrobe of a working woman in India is usually  filled with crisp cotton shirts and trousers,  pencil skirts, cotton kurtas, classic sarees and chic dresses. However, there is a lot that changes in those 9 months of pregnancy and one of them is your wardrobe.

The first trimester is still easy as you may fit into all your pre-pregnancy clothes but it is from the 5th month onwards that comfort will take precedence over fashion. That doesn’t mean maternity wear for work cannot be stylish as well as comfortable; pregnancy  need not restrict you from feeling and looking good. Here is how you can work your maternity wardrobe:

Maternity Trousers

If you are in a workplace that requires you to be dressed formally most of the time,  investing in formal maternity trousers is a good  idea.maternity pants for work If your profession does not demand being formal at all occasions then you could substitute  trousers with a pair of leggings.

Tights can prove to be a great piece of clothing  suitable for the various stages of pregnancy. If you listen to the fashion experts, tights are akin to the ‘little black dress’ for a pregnant woman.

Practical Indian maternity wear

Indian clothes tend to be  cotton based which is more comfortable for pregnant women. A-line  kurtas, anarkalis and angarakhas are great styles that will last you through those 9 months, and can be reused later.


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Loose, yet well-fitting clothes

Just because you have a growing belly does not mean that you have to float in your clothes. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable but yet well fitting. Long dress shirts and tunics with leggings can be very comfortable maternity wear for work.

Maxi –mum dresses

Maxi dresses are the latest trend among pregnant moms, if you look at  celebs like Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry or Shilpa Shetty who found it easy breezy with the maxi while being pregnant. These flowing dresses are comfortable, show off the bump appropriately and are perfect for work too.

Heels to flats

Heels are a bad option for those swollen feet. Flat sandals or Ballerina shoes are perfect for work and comfortable when your feet have extra weight to carry.

Maternity dress for workBeyond 9 months

We always think  that since it’s only for a couple of months,  why spend so much on maternity wear for work and of course, it is a valid thought. 5 pieces you would use post pregnancy too are leggings, ballerinas, a flattering shift or asymmetrical dress, maternity denims and front buttoned tunics or shirts.

The miracle denim

If your workplace is okay with denims then I would urge all women to try and get a maternity denim in a shade darker than indigo. It looks formal, it matches with everything and it is comfortable. Also, soon after delivery you may not fit into your old jeans and that’s when this will be super handy.

Dressing during pregnancy now does not have to be a bother for working women in India. Maternity wear has become more work friendly and can also be reused after the baby is born. So all you working moms out there, it’s time to glam up  your maternity wardrobe for work – not to forget, including in it the smile and glow on your face when you are expecting a big bundle of joy.

Pic of woman at work credit Deborah Main (Used under a Creative Commons license); Pics of maternity trousers and tunic courtesy Motherhood Maternity; Pic of maternity dress courtesy Morph Maternity.


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