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Inspiring Woman Of The Week

Posted: May 12, 2013

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Vinita Sidhartha, is the woman behind Kreeda, the Chennai-based venture which strives to keep our traditional games alive.

With Playstations and Xboxes galore today, games that were played by our ancestors have all but vanished in the 21st century. Pallanguzhi and parama padam sound like Greek and Latin to the children of this generation. Many of the traditional games that our grandmothers played served to train the mind and teach concepts as well as tell interesting stories that brought together and involved the whole family. It would be sad if such games, which are so tightly enmeshed with our rich cultural heritage, slowly vanish. But Vinita Sidhartha is trying her best to not let that happen.

Started by Vinita Sidhartha in 2002, Kreeda – which means “play” in Sanskrit – has been working towards rekindling interest in our traditional games. The research team at Kreeda spends a lot of time and effort – even visiting old age homes and interacting with the elderly to learn more about a game – to recreate the games of yore. They promise that these games will provide one with a lot of benefits such as improved motor and sensory skills, hand-eye coordination, memory and mathematical skills as well as life skills such as learning to handle success and failures, how to be a team player and leadership skills.

But, of course, the ultimate aim of Kreeda is to simply have fun! With a whole range of games available, Kreeda offers us a chance to bond with our children and to spend some quality time together – while keeping our heritage alive.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For providing us with an opportunity to reconnect with our roots

– For coming up with innovative solutions to keep children occupied

– For helping us create fond memories with our loved ones

– For making learning history and maths fun!

*Photo source: The Smart CEO.

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