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Posted: April 9, 2012

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Sunitha Krishnan has committed her life to a cause she fully believes in – crusading against human trafficking and sexual slavery.

All of us hear and read stories of trafficking and sex slavery victims. We feel disturbed but we get on with our lives. But Sunitha Krishnan believes in doing something about it. Anyone who has heard Sunitha’s TED talk can bear witness to the fiery passion and drive that she possesses in her battle against this despicable social evil.

With a Ph.D in Social work, Sunitha has co-founded Prajwala; an NGO which works for the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficking survivors. The work that she does is no doubt admirable – but it is also quite dangerous. She has been at the receiving end of a number of threats but she continues to plough on unfazed. She has rescued more than 2500 women from forced prostitution and her organization runs 17 schools in Hyderabad for the rescued children. The women are provided with support, counseling and occupational training until they are confident and strong enough to become independent. Sunitha has been conferred with the ‘Real Heroes’ award by CNN IBN.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For lighting up the lives of numerous women and children and giving them a second chance in life

– For her speaking out against sex crimes; a subject which is often pushed under the carpet in India

– For her courage and determination to continue with her work no matter what hindrances she may face

– For bringing strength to the week and exploited and hope to the hopeless and oppressed

*Photo credit: Ashoka India

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  1. really she is so inspiring,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Sunitha’s organization Prajwala’s facebook page is here:!/pages/Prajwala/201410219872533

  3. all d best wishes 4prajwala…

  4. Great Movement… God Bless you always..

  5. A big salute to this darting lady.

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