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Posted: August 21, 2012

Neha Kirpal, Founder and Director of the popular India Art Fair, has taken the contemporary art scenario to a different level.

With a bank loan of 60 lakhs and a dream to give contemporary art the much-deserved recognition, Neha started working on her dream to organize an art fair.

In a country that resounds with artistic and cultural heritage, India Art Fair stumped critics with its humungous success. Of course it is no child’s play to provide a platform for more than 1000 artists from 98 galleries sprawled across 20 countries.

Since the fair’s inception, Neha’s effort has roped in more than 2,60,000 visitors to the fair. Business associates, artists and art enthusiasts have been flocking to the country to either be a part of the fair or to bask in the beauty of the art form.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For believing in her passion and being determined till she tasted success

– For not being deterred by criticism and doing what she considered was right

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*Photo credit: Daily Mail.

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