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Posted: March 11, 2013

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Kiran Bedi was the first woman officer to join the Indian Police Service (IPS), way back in 1972.

Kiran Bedi is well – known for her practical and no-nonsense approach, be it in the days of being an Inspector General of Prisons or today, as a political activist. Born in 1949 in Amritsar, Bedi is qualified in Political Science as well as Law.

Beginning her career as a Lecturer, she later joined the IPS and has juggled a number of challenging and demanding roles. Bedi was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994 for her exceptional work in introducing reformatory measures for the inmates of the Tihar jail.

Bedi has also set up the Navjyoti India Foundation and India Vision Foundation, which reach out to improve the lives of the under-privileged sections of society. Currently, she is also involved in supporting the India Against Corruption movement.

Why we find her inspiring:

– For being a frontrunner for all women officers in the IPS.

– For proving that women can excel at any job – even one that was traditionally viewed as a “man’s job”.

– For continuing to work for social progress even after retirement.

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