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How To Identify Organic Food

Learn how to identify real Organic Food and not get fooled by all the products calling themselves natural

Learn how to identify real Organic Food and not get fooled by the buzz of all the products calling themselves natural!

For the layperson, organic has many connotations such as ‘natural’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘no pesticides’ and so on. Add to this the proliferation of new products in the market claiming to be safe, natural, healthy, and we have the perfect recipe for confusion.

Are all ‘natural’ products organic? Are organic products really completely free of pesticides? How can one trust that a manufacturer who is promising us an organic product is really delivering on it?

In this video, Mallika Mathew, Program Manager at the Institute of Marketecology, Bangalore tells us what organic food really is and how to understand it.

Hope you enjoyed watching that and can be a more aware shopper from now on!


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