How To Avoid Diabetes

Posted: June 4, 2012

How to avoid diabetes is a question every Indian needs to be concerned about, for after all, India is the ‘diabetes capital’ of the world! The sad truth is that with increasingly sedentary lifestyles and the easy availability of high-fat, indulgent foods, more of us are at risk of this disease.

Diabetes has implications for many other aspects of your health too, besides being a dampener on one’s lifestyle by requiring continuous medication and draining one’s energy levels.

In this video from chaiwithlakshmi, we have a nutritionist giving us tips on good foods that can help us fight the onset of diabetes, while keeping our bodies nourished – and our tongues happy!

Traditionally, Indians have always known that food is not just meant for the senses, food is also medicine – to be consumed in a spirit of respect and appreciation. Let’s re-learn the art of eating well!

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